Posted on 11 February 2016

We couldn't be more excited that the 90's rocker style is back!  We all know that now a days it's so trendy to be #twinning with your lil' mini me.  People just love to dress their kids up in something that they themselves would wear.  The days of "kids" clothes meaning cutesy and generic are long gone.  With North West and all the other celebrity kids dressing like rockstars, the everyday mom and dad now need to up their child's fashion game.  Keeping up with the Jones' has literally become "Keeping up with the Kardashians".  Lil' girls and boys are becoming fashion icons.  Take London Scout from the blog Scout the City, whose fashion blog has landed her on the Today show and in the front row of New York Fashion Week.  Kid's fashion is serious business...(just's actually so much fun to dress up your lil' rockstar these days)

So how do we translate this trend into your kids closet without it looking too costumey?  Sometimes it can be just as easy as one item.  You can add a little pleather/leather either in a legging or on a sleeve, a band tee, some cool shoes and a rockstar jacket and your set.

Below we've put some looks together for you. 

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Sabrina and Maria

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