Posted on 05 May 2017

'Mama gave this warrior child a name
To stand out in a crowd
We all got 15 minutes
To kill this  
And I'm gonna do do do do her proud

You’re gonna know my name
From the Mississippi to the Rhine
You’re gonna know my name
You’re gonna know my name"  "Warrior" by Sate

Every time we have our photo shoots we always wish we had a behind the scenes video to go along with it.  This time we went ahead and hired someone to be there and record. 

It's so amazing how you can get 2 hours of footage and then make this 1 minute video that pretty much sums up the whole photo shoot. 

The kids had a blast.  We were running around trying to get everything steamed and ready, making sure all the models had their outfits and the looks were just right that we didn't even realize when they were shooting any footage (which is great, because he didn't get in the way).  

We wanted the kids to feel like rockstars and our theme this photo shoot was #imwiththebrand for the Campaign that we just launched.  The kids had fun playing with all the different instruments that we brought and felt like they were really part of our 'brand'.

It was so great to finally receive the finished product set to music.  We loved how it turned out and the band Sate was kind enough to give us permission to use their song "Warrior" which we think is perfect because everyone will know our name soon enough!

We hope you enjoy our behind the scenes video from our campaign #imwiththebrand.  We would love to know what makes your kid feel like a rockstar in the comments below.




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