"This is Halloween"...Our Favorite Halloween Movies for Kids.

Posted on 27 October 2016

Sophia is sooooo excited that Halloween is almost here.  She is 3 1/2 years old and definitely into the princess stage right now and has been for a while.  This year she is going to be the first original Disney Princess Snow White and couldn't be more excited to wear her costume.  


The Nightmare Before Christmas

#jackskellington. Happy I was able to get some makeup on her!! #happyhalloween #everafterfairytales

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 All of October we've been watching Halloween movies and reading Halloween books.  Ever since she was Jack Skellington last Halloween she's been into scary movies and stories.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing at three years old or something I should be worried about lol.  

She has watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" a bunch of times and loves that she can see the character she was for Halloween last year, because let's face it she didn't have a clue who Jack Skellington was before she dressed up and I didn't really allow her to watch the movie until much later.  

Jack Skellington, Halloweentown's Pumpkin King get's bored with the town and the idea of scaring people on a daily basis that he finds a door and decides to go through it.  This door takes him to Christmastown.  Amazed with the colors and the cheer he kidnaps Santa and wants to bring Christmas to Halloweentown, only it becomes a complete debacle, proving that even the best laid plans don't always pan out.  The movie will definitely have you singing "This is Halloween" all month long.

Along with Tim Burton's musically animated film she has added a couple of new favorites to her movie night repertoire this year.


Hotel Transylvania 2

My daughter prefers the sequel because she is obsessed with anything baby and this one is all about Dracula (Adam Sandler) trying to bring out the monster in his half human/half vampire grandson.  His daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) thinks it would be a good idea to move to California and raise Dennis as a human but Dracula is determined to keep his daughter in Transylvania and show her that her son will soon grow fangs.  He doesn't believe that it's possible that a blood relative of his can be human.  Sophia has been going around telling my husband that he has pasty skin and making pretend bat sounds (she is and has been obsessed with bats for a while now).


Room on the Broom

We mentioned this one as one our favorite Halloween books to read to our kids and Sophia was so excited to find out that this was made into a short film.  I have been reading this book to her for over two years now and it was really nice for both of us to see how these characters came to life.  The story of a witch who befriends all these misfit animals that help her find her missing items that she has lost while flying through the sky with her cat on her broom.  She makes room on her broom for them so they can go with her on her travels.  One day the broom snaps in half from all the weight and the animals go crashing down.  The witch gets caught by a dragon who says he loves eating "Witch with fries".  Her new friends come to her rescue dressing up as a four headed sea monster and scare the fire breathing dragon away.  A cute little story about friendship and being there when your friends need you the most.  A definite must see for all ages.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This Halloween classic is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year.  Charlie Brown gets invited to his first Halloween party.  Snoopy dresses up as the Red Baron and Linus waits at the pumpkin patch all night for the Great Pumpkin to come (basically the equivalent of waiting up all night for Santa to come on Christmas Eve).  This short movie based on the comic strip Peanuts will be airing this Friday, October 28th on ABC at 8pm EST.  So if the little ones haven't seen it yet and it's been a while for you too, this will be a nice little family night before Halloween.  There will also be a bonus cartoon just right for the upcoming election called "You're not Elected, Charlie Brown".


Monsters Inc.

This funny and heartwarming Disney movie about Monsters Incorporated, a company that employs monsters to go into kids bedroom and scare them to generate power for their city Monstropolis stars John Goodman as their top scarer "Sulley" and Billy Crystal as his one eyed sidekick "Mike Wazowski".  What happens when a two year old little human named "Boo" escapes back into their world and they need to return her home safely, but are afraid of her at the same time?  A fun movie that shows that some monsters aren't so bad after all.  


E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 

Then there is my all time favorite movie EVER!!!!!  E.T.  about a little boy Elliot who befriends an alien that was left behind when his spaceship left in a hurry and tries to get him safely back home while keeping him from his mother and the government.  Elliot and E.T end up becoming so close and connected that Elliot ends up feeling what E.T. is going through to the point that they both get sick when E.T.'s family has not come back to get him.  The siblings dress him up as a ghost on Halloween to trick their mom so that they can take him to the forest and the other Extra Terrestrials can come take him home. That iconic moment when you think that they are cornered and Elliot just closes his eyes and E.T. magically makes all the boys bikes fly into the night sky, gives me goose bumps every single time.  I tried showing this Steven Spielberg classic to Sophia a couple of months ago but she wasn't very interested at the time, but I do think it is something the older kids can enjoy right now.


What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Leave a comment below, letting me know if I missed any must sees!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!










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