The Time We Made a Music Video

Posted on 29 September 2016

Pretty girls, you break my heart, every mornin'
Pretty girls, you break my heart, as you're growin'
Pretty soon you'll walk right out and go explorin'
Pretty girls, yeah it's alright, I wanna see you soarin'



Pretty Girls - it's a song my husband wrote, recorded and produced about our twin girls a couple of years back and it gets me every time.  It's about how fast life goes by and children grow.  We are always running from one thing to another and don't get a chance to appreciate those little moments.  It's about those few seconds in the morning, before you're leaving for work, where you take the time to notice their sleeping faces and the beautiful girls they have become.  I happened to stumble across some photos this week, after cleaning out my closets, from that day when we actually made a music video in our home to this song.

My husband, Andrew, still loves to play live from time to time and is still recording his own music, being creative.  Ever since I've known him, it's his passion.  It's not how he makes a living but it is how he gets through the mundane part of life sometimes.  When we first met, before we started dating, Andrew gave me a cassette tape, yes remember those, of his that he recorded with three songs on it that I played over and over again in my car.  The name of his band was Euphoria and my favorite song was So, So, Groovy.  He was in a band with his two brothers and when we first started dating, most of our weekends consisted of hanging out at live shows with all of our friends.  We reminisce about those days and how much fun we had often. 

We are now married for eighteen years and his passion for music is still alive and very much a part of him. He turned half of our basement into a recording studio where he channels most of his creativity. Believe me there are plenty of times that I wish he would remove himself from the basement and do anything else but then I would not have this special song and video about our girls that I will cherish forever.

This song was produced by Andrew and a good friend of ours, Garth, who is also a dad/musician in town.  They happened to meet when our kids were in pre-school together, hit it off with their love of music and decided to record a CD together - Blaring in the Stillness. Garth played the bass on all of the songs.  They made a music video to this song because the idea of it really resonated with the both of them and it gave our kids an opportunity to be part of something very special and unique.

The video crew came to our house at about 8 am and finished up about midnight.  What an incredible experience!  The kids got to dress up for different scenes that were created, got their hair and make-up done and were followed around by camera crew.  Our one daughter, Mia, was in her glory.  She is our musician/performer to this day. Her twin, Isabella was not so excited.  The fact that she took part in any of the scenes surprised us.  What was very funny is that in the middle of the day, she went into our bedroom, didn't tell anyone, and just took a nap - this was hard work.  She was sleeping during the birthday party scene so she didn't get to take part in throwing the confetti which I can probably still find in crevices in my kitchen five years later.

The video really highlights what Mia and Isabella used to love to do - play music, draw, color, dance, play with their doll house and play dress-up.  The videographer did such an amazing job of capturing their personalities.  Every time I watch the video it takes me back to those times and how special they were.  So thank you, Andrew, for never giving up on your love for music and giving us this special memory that we will always have.







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