So Much Better Than Me

Posted on 23 February 2017

I'll love you in a way you need to be loved
Hold you in a way you need to be held
You'll be so much better....

I'll teach you in a way you need to be taught
Listen in a way you need to be heard
You'll be so much better.....

That you'll be so much better than me

Better Than Me by Draz

My husband wrote this song about thirteen years ago during my pregnancy with our girls.  It was his way of saying that everything he's going to do going forward will be what's best for them and so that ultimately they'll be even better than he is and go even further than he did.  I guess it's what every parent wants for their kids, but sometimes tough to do because of our own wants and needs getting in the way.  It sort of amazes me how he thought of this before we even had kids and realized the actual meaning of the song.


The Snowflake Invitational


Ironically, my husband's song came on in the car as we're driving home from Isabella's gymnastics meet this weekend - The Snowflake Invitational held in Commack, NY.  We couldn't have been more proud as she came in first place all around in her division that day.  We are, of course, always so proud of her just because she always gives 150% of herself.  This weekend though she was truly exceptional - so confident, so on!!  She's already better than us in every way.


Cherry Lane Gymnastics

So this is her level 5 team at Cherry Lane Gymnastics Center.  They have been doing gymnastics together for the past 5 years and the number on the team has dwindled as the years have gone by, but they are your true definition of TEAM!  Although gymnastics can be very competitive as any other sport, they never fail to encourage each other every step of the way.  During the meets and practices, there is always an encouraging word for every skill that they stick and every fall.  It's what makes them get back up and not be afraid to try.

Follow through
Make your dreams come true
Don't give up the fight
You will be alright
'Cause there's no one like you in the universe

Don't be afraid
What your mind conceives
You should make a stand
Stand up for what you believe
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible

I you've never heard this MUSE song, Invincible, please take a listen.  It's truly inspiring. And together this team is Invincible!


 Exceptional Coaching

This sportsmanship and team work doesn't just happen.  The reason we choose to compete with Cherry Lane Gymnastics is because of the family that is Cherry Lane.  The coaching staff is the most encouraging you will ever experience at any meet.  After the girls compete their event or finish a routine at practice, there is always a hug and motivation to keep going.  The team thrives because of this love for their coaches.






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