Rock n Roll in the City

Posted on 11 October 2016

(Ollie:  Flannel, Robot tee, Pants, Shoes.  Alex:  Bowie tee, Pants, Shoes)

There is something about the energy of New York City that gets me every single time.   I'm not sure if I could describe where it exactly comes from, I think it's the buildings, or the people bustling around, or maybe a combination of both.  All I know is that being in New York City, especially the cobblestone streets of the West Village gets me excited without fail.  It could be because it's where I spent my college years not too far from there at NYU, or because I worked in the Meatpacking District for a few years and then there is probably the number one reason I love that area, the fact that I had my first date there with my husband five years ago. 

Heading back to that very spot to do our Fall/Winter Look Book felt almost electrical.  We shot most of the pics on Perry Street where our favorite Hair Salon is located.  Andreas Anastasis was kind enough to let us use his salon as a base where we could have hair and make-up done and have the kids change outfits.  This was key for us shooting in the city, since we had always wanted to but never felt comfortable with the kids changing in the back of our SUV's and having the make-up artist set up shop on the street.

(Springsteen tee, Plaid shirt leggings, Varsity jacket, Shoes)

Everything about that street felt so right, from the trees, to the cobblestone streets and the beautiful brownstone homes that lined it.  In fact we shot just a few feet away from where Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from 'Sex and the City' was located.  I must admit every time I go to see my hair stylist I have a feeling of nostalgia passing by that brownstone and a wave of sadness flushes through my body knowing that that show is over.

( Plaid dress, Shoes)

Back to our photo shoot...  We shot with the incredibly talented Elizabeth Pettey who has been shooting our photos since we launched.  She came highly recommended from one of our designers and after seeing her photographs and editorials for Babiekins Magazine we felt like she was a perfect fit.  She definitely knows how to work with and photograph kids and this is so important when looking for a photographer for a children's boutique.  It does take a certain type of personality to click with kids and get their inner rockstar to shine through and she definitely knows how to do that.  

Our theme this Look Book was a throwback to the 80's and 90's with lots of plaid, band tees, pleather, side ponies and lots of hair teasing.  To help make that look authentic we hired Tiffany Reader to do the kids hair and make-up.  It really does make the photos pop a lot more when you have a professional style the hair and make-up instead of doing it ourselves.  

Then of course the stylists, Sabrina and I, put together the looks that we thought rocked from our fall/winter collections.  Mixing all the brands that we sell to create our story for that season.  Here's a sneak peak of a few of the shots.  Stay tuned for our complete Look Book coming  to our site in the next couple of days.

(Faux fur coat, Dress)

(Faux fur coat, Ballet sound tee, Susies Custom jeans, Shoes)

(Earmuffs, Beatles Tee, Tutu)

(Ollie:  Suspender sweatshirt, Pants, Maa shoes.  Alex:  Shirt,  Hendrix Tee, Jeans, Shoes)

(Indigo: Shirt, Leggings, Shoes.  Julia: Rock Dress, Leggings, Shoes)

Thank you to everyone that helped make this possible including our rockstar models, Ollie, Alex, Sophia, Julia, Indigo and their parents who took the time out of their Sunday to come shoot with us.  Thank you to our amazing and talented photographer Elizabeth and make-up artist Tiffany.  Thank you Andreas Anastasis for lending us your salon again and enabling us to shoot in this awesome location and of course thank you New York City for never disappointing!





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  • Jennifer Caras: October 11, 2016

    One of my favorite streets in NYC too.

    All of the pictures are pure perfection!
    But my favorite is Sophia in that black faux fur.. So good!

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