Our Favorite Halloween Stories Ever

Posted on 19 October 2016

As Halloween is approaching we are all looking forward to finally getting to put on our costumes we got ages ago.  We might even still be deciding on that perfect costume.  The waiting can be agony for kids.  Some of our little ones have probably been dressing up the whole month in spirit of the season. 

It's also a great time for some fun stories.  We wanted to share with you some of our personal favorites that we have read to our kids over and over again.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

A little old lady in the woods, who is never scared of anything, is being followed by scary noises that are fun to sound out and act out.  The repetitive nature of the sounds allow kids to really have fun with it and be a part of the storytelling......a great read-aloud in the classroom as well.



Room on the Broom

What a great message about how doing good for others really pays off in the end. A witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick and they run into a little trouble.  Luckily there are some helpful animals around to get them out of their mishap.  What a reward they all get in the end!  It is so beautifully written with such life-like illustrations.  A must-read for any time of year.  It's also a great animated short film.


Pumpkin Jack

This story illustrates what probably goes through every child's mind after Halloween is over.  After you carve your pumpkin and work so hard to get it to look just right, there's sort of a personality that it takes on.  The little boy in the story, Tim, decides to take care of his jack-o-lantern, Jack, throughout the course of a year.  He watches it decompose in his backyard and eventually grow into a new pumpkin from its seeds.  Probably the best fictional story I have ever read about the life cycle of a plant.  What a great experiment to do with your own kids!


The Nightmare before Christmas


This classic is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  How many times have your kids watched the DVD?  What a clever spin on Halloween - Jack Skellington trying to bring Christmas to Halloweenland! Yes we all get bored from time to time when everything is always the same but some things just should be the way they are.  Let's embrace the beauty of each and every holiday and celebrate its uniqueness.  This is little Sophia's favorite movie of all time.  She was even Jack Skellington last year for Halloween....

#jackskellington. Happy I was able to get some makeup on her!! #happyhalloween #everafterfairytales

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Goodnight Goon

How many time have we read the sacred Goodnight Moon to our children before bed?  It is probably the bedtime routine of most children around the world.  Here is the scene - lying in bed with your child, saying goodnight to everything in the room so they can please just GO TO SLEEP!  This breaks up that routine with a bit of Halloween fun.  So clever that it also encourages children to use a known structure and be creative with their own retellings of classics.   


Cinderella Skeleton

We finally get to my all time favorite.  My daughters were obsessed with the Disney princesses since they were about 2 years old.  So when I read Cinderella Skeleton to them, they couldn't believe it.  They loved the similarity between the classic tale and this one and how they could compare each character and part of each story.  The funniest part to them was as she's running to leave the ball after the clock strikes midnight and "Then off her foot came with a snap!"  CInderella skeleton not only lost her shoe but her whole foot - hysterical. 


All of these great stories can be found in Barnes and Noble and we definitely recommend a trip with your kids to pick out some of your favorites. Reading with your kids has proven to be invaluable, time and time again. The powerful conversations you can have with children about literature will blow your mind.  Don't miss the opportunity to start when they're young.    




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