Posted on 22 February 2016

Music has the amazing ability to take you back to a distant memory, your first kiss, your first love, the song your mom/dad used to sing to you as a lil' baby.  It can empower you to dream of your future and what you want to achieve.  It lives in the present and allows you to enjoy today, singing it, dancing to it.  The same song can mean something different to each person depending on their life at the moment or their experiences.  Not too many things in this world can claim to do all that.  Music is a powerful tool!

Everyone remembers that scene from "Jerry Maguire" when Tom Cruise is driving and he's searching the radio for the perfect song and Tom Petty "Free Falling" comes on, boy does he sing that song with passion, because it describes exactly what he is going through at that moment.

A similar thing happened to Sabrina and I.  One day she texts me and says Tom Petty..."Learning to Fly", that's about you and me and our new business together.  Literally a day later I'm driving  home from dinner and the same song comes on the radio.  Well, I just thought that was a bit serendipitous.  How amazing that Tom Petty understood us so well.  

Well here we are on this new venture of ours and sometimes it really does feel like we are learning to fly.  Like the song says "I'm learning to fly but I ain't got wings, coming down is the hardest thing..well some say life will beat you down, break your heart and steal your crown, so I've started out for God knows where, I guess I'll know when I get there."  How amazing is it that we get to do it together!

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