Posted on 23 August 2016

School of Rock – The Musical’s twelve-year-old guitar prodigy Brandon Niederauer took the stage during the August 17 matinee curtain call to celebrate an unforgettable moment in rock history—the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock. Niederauer had the audience calling for more as he performed his version of the Hendrix jam.

My daughter, Mia, had the privilege of being at this very matinee last week during her week long Broadway Workshop camp in Manhattan that she participates in every year.  It was the 47th anniversary of that legendary moment in Woodstock and Mia was at the Winter Garden Theatre witnessing something pretty magical in her own time. She was absolutely amazed at the talent of all the young actors performing in the show.   

Mia loves anything Broadway, theatre, music, dance, etc.... We are big supporters of the arts as a family and always encourage our kids to be creative, participate and take a chance.  We're also in a pretty amazing school district that encourages a well rounded education and implements music and arts programs within the school day so everyone can participate and take advantage. I love that my kids are exposed to it all.

It's a big reason we love fusing rock n' roll with fashion at Skanenordvast.  Rowdy Sprout is just one of the brands we carry that celebrates those artists and their creativity.  So today let's celebrate Jimi Hendrix and his contributions to musical history.  Brandon Niederauer sure did!!


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