Posted on 31 March 2017


When Maria and I began to create our concept for a rock n' roll inspired children's clothing boutique we knew we needed an awesome logo.  All of the branding work that went into Skanenordvast was just as important as the clothing pieces we were going to carry.  As a retail boutique we currently carry about 20 brands that are curated to specifically emulate our unique rock n' roll look which is Skanenordvast.


Branding and Design...

We were lucky enough to find a great web design company that not only created an amazing website but totally got on board with our branding vision.  Turkois Design is located in White Plains, NY and they worked with us from the very beginning to bring our vision to fruition.  After working through a bunch of mock up ideas for a logo, Kamari the Kaola was chosen.  There had to be just enough edge to this koala to showcase our rock n' roll look.  The various greys and shading, along with the font had to be just right.

This fox was our runner up - so cool how he has that Bowie aspect about him but we thought he was a bit scary looking for a children's clothing boutique.  They are so very talented at Turkois Design.  We had a lot of fun with this project.


 Tying it all in...


The logo was just the beginning.  We had an entire packaging concept to go along with our brand.  Being an online retail children's clothing boutique, we had to find a way to showcase our vision to our customers whether they were buying online or in person.  Our tags that we put on all of our clothing pieces are actual mini records and the invoice you receive as an online customer goes into a CD sleeve with a personalized note from Maria and I.  We have round stickers that go on our bags that look like records and black tissue paper, of course, to tie it all together.




With the help of Turkois Design, we were able to work with an amazing printing company located in upstate New York, The Pickleship.  Definitely check out their work.  They are an old school printing company that does letterpress printing, foil stamping and embossing, which we took advantage of.  The letterpress was run on a 1907 Chandler & Price hand feed press.  This press was the first press their father purchased that they had put back into operation. Our business cards and tags are made with this letterpress so you feel the grooves of the various shadings of the koala and his eye is foil stamped in black for a very unique finish.




The guys that own the Pickleship had some friends go on an Australian tour and sent them a picture with a koala.  They, of course, thought of us and we named him Kamari!


More Ideas to Come...

Another cool concept they had was to make gold and platinum records with our tags for a special promotion.  They sent us an example if we ever wanted to use them.  What a great idea!  Look out for these some time in the near future.  So many ideas, so little time.



It's important to us that our customers feel connected to our brand, Skanenordvast.  We're not just another ordinary retail clothing boutique for kids.  We are a curated shop with a story behind every branding decision made.  We hope you enjoy what we have created for you!






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