Holiday De-Stressing with Essential Oils

Posted on 07 December 2016


This time of year gets to the best of us! So many things to accomplish before the end of the year, hosting preparations, travel plans to be made and not to mention all of the holiday shopping that is well under way .. or not. I know I am living on daily lists this time of year - even more than usual.

I was recently introduced to the world of Young Living Essential Oils.  Let's face it, everywhere we turn we are constantly being reminded of our wellness and promoting this emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.  A good friend of mine became hooked on essential oils and can tell you what dozens of oils are good for, which blends are the best for any ailment that you have and which ones will make your house smell amazing. Check out her Facebook group to find out the answer to any question you have about essential oils.  Naturally, I became hooked myself.

It has become a daily ritual, after I drop the kids off at school, to diffuse different oils depending on my mood and it has had this amazing calming effect and sense of peace when I do - a definite must during this holiday season.



Lemon and Peppermint together make you feel completely energized and ready for any kind of day you have planned. 



Lavender is just one of the most beautiful and calming scents and Stress Away is one of their blends and does exactly that.

If you have any type of odor in your home, Purification is a necessity.  It's another blend that contains lemon and simply purifies the air.  I made fish one night for dinner and that can always leave behind a strong smell.  I diffused Purification and the smell was gone within a half hour.



I put different oils in my bath, like Pan Away, whenever I get a chance to take one of those.  They have great oils for aches and pains, skin care, and for any wellness that you are trying to promote in your life. 


What is really cool about Young Living is that they have their own farms, all over the world actually, where they grow all of the plants that produce these essential oils and it's their unique process of seed to seal that sets them apart from other companies selling essential oils.

(Lavender farm in France)


(Northern Lights Farm in Canada)


I have also included Young Living in my holiday shopping this year as gifts for members of my family that I think will love them.  Northern Lights is one of the oils I just ordered myself - can't wait to experience it.  One of our personal favorites here at Skanenordvast is ....

It was a gift from my friend that got me hooked on essential oils.  Maria and I rub a little "Build Your Dream" on when we're in the office and at  various shopping events to inspire us and remind us of why we started Skanenordvast and what that dream means to us.

So as we rush around this holiday season trying to get everything done consider diffusing some essential oils to carve out a little wellness time for yourself.  I guarantee it will be worth it.







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