Get Strung

Posted on 14 July 2017

'I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it 'til my fingers bled
Was the summer of sixty-nine' ... "Summer of '69", Bryan Adams


When a good friend told us about this company that is selling bracelets made out of guitar strings we wanted a meeting right away.  From the first phone call we knew that Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour, the creative minds behind "Strung" were a perfect fit to add to our boutique.  They make bracelets for adults out of guitar strings.  The idea came to Jenny when they were on tour and her guitarist Tim was changing his guitar strings.  She noticed the strings laying around in a circular fashion and realized that it would be so cool to make them into bracelets.  They made a bunch of them and sold out at their next show.  People were telling them how much they loved the bracelets and from this "Strung" was born.  

We spoke to them about making a children's line.  They were excited about the idea and quickly started to work on it.  We are now the first company to carry the bracelets for children.  We have also been talking to them about coming up with a Skanenordvast bracelet with either a guitar pick with our logo or our miniature rock star koala charm hanging from it.

Don't think we forgot about mom and dad!  Along with the kid size bracelets we have also added adult sizes for women and for men so that mom, dad and kids can be twinning!


(Wind Beneath My Wings)


(Papa Roach...Still Swinging)


"Strung" bracelets are not just ordinary bracelets, they are made with meaning and purpose.  They are for the rock star, the guitarist, the music lover.  Each charm has a tag line along with it from a song.  One of my favorite pieces is the "Shining Star"... it's description is "One does not simply become a star…they were born a star.  Although there are trillions of stars in the universe, each and every one is different and unique with their own chance to shine."


(Shining Star)


Music is such a powerful tool.  It has been know to enlighten and change lives.  When people are in trouble they sometimes turn to music to help them through what they are experiencing.  When people are happy they usually sing or dance to music.  What a true gift it is for a musician to sing a song and be able to connect and make someone feel something.  Music truly is a gift and what a wonderful reminder it is to be able to wear it on your wrist.

Get Strung here.




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