Gearing Up for Summer: Safe and Comfortable Clothing for Kids

Posted on 13 June 2018

I have a great piece here to share with you written by Kris Louis, chief blogger at  This article is filled with tons of useful information for you and your kids this summer.  Be sure to check out her other articles.  You can never have too many ideas when it comes to parenting!! 


Summer is all about fun, freedom and safety where your kids are concerned and the clothes they wear should reflect that. Peruse your local retailers carefully to find clothing that’s right for youngsters whether they’re romping in the backyard, playing in a nearby park, or hiking through the woods.

Summer is a time for exploration and imagination but sunburn, bug bites and Poison Ivy are summertime dangers that parents should take note of when buying new clothes. Running, bike riding and swimming make summer play very special for children and are an important part of a child’s development. Play is so vital to a child’s growth that the United Nations has determined that it is a human right for every child.


Lightweight and loose fitting

Like adults, young children are happiest in loose-fitting shirts and pants on searing summer days. Deck out your little boy with t-shirts and sleeveless shirts with cotton shorts that breathe even on the most humid of days. Little girls are most comfortable in light skirts and light-fitting tops with thin straps. Avoid clothing made of fibers that can irritate the skin and may give off unpleasant odors when combined with sweat.

Although light, loose-fitting selections are always best, bear in mind the need to shield your kids’ tender skin from the sun’s UV rays. Sunscreen is an important part of any parent’s summertime equipment, but you can also help shield your child with lightweight clothing made of linen, rayon or cotton.

Little ones whose hair hasn’t fully grown in should sport a sun hat that protects their faces, ears and the back of the neck. A cotton wide-brimmed hat that snaps or ties securely under the chin will work best. If you can find a little pair that fits, include sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes from the sun’s glare.


Heavy-duty fun

Hiking and spending time in the woods is a popular summer activity for many families, a way of communing with nature and getting away from the chaos of the crowded city. Like you, kids need clothing that withstands the wear and tear of low-hanging branches and dirt trails, as well as bee stings and tick bites. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of rainfall, protective clothing that keeps kids dry is important. Hiking at higher elevations can cause the temperature to change suddenly, which means a light jacket should be part of your child’s hiking gear as well as a lightweight but sturdy rain jacket or poncho.



Summer wouldn’t be summer without swimming and water sports. Swimwear these days comes in material that provides maximum UV and SPF protection. Several brands also offer UV protective T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts and other items that protect against sunburn and rashes, as well as chlorine poisoning.


Summer fun

Now that your kids are all geared up for summer, arrange for some outdoor family fun. Make a bird feeder with Cheerios on a pipe cleaner and hang it from a tree. You can also swirl some peanut butter on a pine cone, rolled in bird seeds and hang it from a tree branch and watch the birds come calling. Use it as an opportunity to teach the kids about different bird species and see how many you can name together.

Or wait for a clear, cloudless night and pitch a tent in the backyard for some stargazing. Don’t forget the campfire weenies and s’mores to make it a perfect night in the backyard. If a nearby park has a Frisbee golf course enjoy a family tournament, or create your own course in the backyard.

Summer’s a lot more fun when everyone is comfortable. Outfitting the kids with clothing that’s lightweight, made of material that breathes and helps protect them from the sun is key to an enjoyable summer, especially when the thermostat skyrockets.


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