Fun Places to visit in Central Park With Kids

Posted on 01 June 2017

Hot child in the city,
Hot child in the city,
Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty,
Hot child in the city..."Hot Child in the City" by Nick Gilder

Central Park Zoo


If you ever had to spend a whole summer in NYC with kids out from school, then you know you have to find some interesting and cool places for them to run around and keep them cool at the same time.

One of our favorite places to go to in the summer is Central Park.  You could go there every day and find new and interesting places to visit.


Sophia's favorite is of course the Central Park Zoo.  She is obsessed with the monkeys and bears and pretty much every animal since a friend of mine bought her Jack Hanna's "Big Book of Why".  While at the zoo we have to visit the Delacorte Clock which plays seasonal chimes and nursery rhymes on the half hour.  The band of whimsical animals made of bronze circle the clock as they "bang on the drums and play the horn".  



Billy Johnson's Playground

After the zoo, we always walk over to Billy Johnson's Playground located on 67th street and 5th Avenue.  The park is only a 5 minute walk from the zoo and is a popular one with the kids because of this huge man made granite slide built into a hill where kids have to climb up to the top almost like a mini hike and wait for their turn to come sliding down.  Most kids bring a cardboard box to lay flat and sit on to make the trip down go even faster.  This park was built to create a naturalistic play environment for the kids.  They can then head over and play in the huge sand pit or crossover the man made bridge and have lunch in the little gazebo.  The park was made to invoke imaginative play...a playground very different from your typical city parks.


The Carousel

Another fun thing to do at Central Park is to visit the famous Carousel also located on 65th street but found mid park.  It is a vintage carousel and costs €3 per person.  Make sure you bring cash because they do not accept plastic, I learned that the hard way when I had to use my lucky €2 bills to ride since I never have any cash on me and couldn't disappoint my daughter.  If you get nauseous like I do make sure you are seated on one of the horses facing forward.  We learned this the hard way since it was Sophia's first time she wanted to sit with us in one of the horse drawn carriages and it really made me nauseous. 

Alice in Wonderland

Slide down the rabbit hole or just walk over to the Alice in Wonderland statue located on east 75th street where all the kids love to climb and hide in the many hiding places this statue has.  It is slippery so make sure they are careful when walking and climbing it. Engraved around the statue are lines from the nonsensical poem, The Jabberwocky.  It was a tribute to his late wife Margarita, from the philanthropist George Delacorte, who used to read Alice to their children.


Conservatory Water Pond


Not too far from the statue is the the Conservatory Water Pond where you can rent a model boat or eat outside at the Kerbs Memorial Boathouse.  In the winter they lower the water level for free public ice skating and it's the place my husband first skated and learned to play hockey.


Loeb Boathouse

Grab an oar and head over the the Loeb Boathouse on East 72nd Street where you can rent row boats for €15 an hour.  They will provide life jackets for kids or anyone who asks for one. (We haven't tried this yet with Sophia, but are planning to this summer)  If weather permits you can also go on a Gondola tour that seats six people and will run you €45 for the half hour.

Central Park has so many fun places to visit.  These are just a few that my family and I like to visit over and over again and do not disappoint.  

Check back with us soon for some more fun things to do in the city.





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