Fun Halloween Pieces from Skanenordvast

Posted on 14 October 2016

'Tis the season of shopping for Halloween costumes.  As I look through the boxes of old costumes in our attic that we have accumulated over the years, I can't help but think how much money was spent on some really gorgeous costumes that were only worn once. 

One day Maria and I had some fun going through our inventory at Skanenordvast and came up with some fun ideas on how to use trendy kids clothing as pieces in some interesting Halloween costumes. 

70's Hippie

Add some cool shades and maybe a bandana ........  The cool thing is you can rock that coat with any modern day look.

 (peace raglan, ripped jeans, shearling coat)



That's my nephew, Wyatt, in the featured photo.  He decided to be a ninja for Halloween and calls these his Ninja pants.  We have the matching sweatshirt and hat to complete the look.  Just add a mask and you are all set.

(hat, sweatshirt, pants)



The hats from Appaman, below, are actually named after the famous boxer and the tank says "Punk Kid."

 (punk kid tank, sweats, rocky in black, rocky in grey)


Dancing Queen

For our little ones that love the glitter and sparkle, we have gorgeous tutus that really are of amazing quality for dressy occasions and can be used to accessorize a costume.

(gold tutu, metallic tutu, lavender wrap, tank, tee shirt)


Black Cat

Maybe a pair of cat ears ....... 

Any excuse to buy this faux fur coat!



(shiny legging, faux fur coat, scarf)


Varsity Cheerleader

The matching set from Appaman is a great piece for the holidays.  Add the varsity jacket and you are ready for the football game!

 (sweatshirt, jacket, skirt)


Tom Cruise in Top Gun

This pilot jacket with any pair of jeans, a tee shirt and cool pair of shades......

 (tee, jeans, pilot jacket)


Flashdance - Bringing back the 80's

It's the season for big comfy sweatshirts, leggings and headbands all over again!


(let's dance, headband, leggings)                   (tie-dye, headband, leggings)


Beatles Era

We can imagine any of the Beatles members dressed in this hip rock n roll jacket and cords.  For the girls, this mod dress is adorable with a pair of go-go boots.

 (jacket, cords, dress)


If your little ones are not into dressing up, we have some really fun pieces that are totally in the spirit of this Halloween season....skulls and bones.



The best part is that you can wear every one of the pieces I mentioned ALL YEAR ROUND!!  Our hip and trendy clothing for your little ones can also be rocked as a DIY Halloween costume. Hope you enjoyed some of our ideas!





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