Posted on 04 March 2016

You're 21, tailgating, going to see your favorite band that you've been waiting for years to go on tour again.  You go with your friends or a date or with family.  You remember where you sat, in the last row behind the stage at Madison Square garden to see Axl sway his hips back and forth in bicycle shorts, on the field at Yankee Stadium when you went to see U2 with your bestie who happened to run into her new boyfriend's brother while getting beers. You remember Bono running around the stage.  You remember Tre from Green Day destroying his drum set while the crowd body surfed, you remember freezing at Jones Beach to see Billy Idol do that thing that he does with his upper lip.  You remember how much fun you had singing every song at the top of your lungs.  You  remember these things every time you put on that tee shirt you bought to prove you were there, to prove, "hey I love this band so much that not only do I have all their albums but I dished out a good chunk of cash to go see them in person". and you love this shirt so much that no matter how tattered it is and how often you've washed it you just won't throw it away.  

Well, how awesome is it that you can now put your littlest rockstar in some of your favorite concert/band tees.  

Rowdy Sprout has brought nostalgia to parents abound by offering classic  rocker tees to the little ones of our world.  All Tees are made with love in sunny Los Angeles.

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