Beauty and the Beast

Posted on 03 November 2016

In my house we've been patiently awaiting the 25th Anniversary re release of "Beauty and the Beast".  I pre ordered the movie from Disney a few months ago and it finally arrived.  Unlike all the other little children growing up, I never really had a chance to see any Disney movies.  As some of you might know from our past posts, my parents were Greek immigrants that didn't speak English very well.  It wasn't a top priority for them to take my sister and I to see any Disney movies, as they probably didn't even know what they were about or that they were even playing in the movie theaters.

As an adult living in Los Angeles, all my girlfriends would be excited to visit Disneyland because they had all grown up watching these movies.  I never cared to go because I really had no idea how to even tell the princesses apart.  Now living back in New York, I regret the fact that I never visited the theme park while I was there.  I did visit Disney World when I was twelve years old, but really the only thing familiar to me then was Mickey Mouse and his crew.

As a mom to a three year old girl, I am now watching all the Disney movies with her and we are both seeing them for the first time together.  I never thought that I could love an animated film about princesses as much as I do!  Even though I could feel deprived or sad that I was never able to experience them as a little girl there is something almost magical about my daughter and I watching them for the first time, a feeling that I know I will cherish forever.

I remember the first time I put "Tangled" on the Blu Ray player, I wasn't really paying attention until I heard some wise crack comment from Flynn Ryder that actually got me so interested that I asked Sophia if I could rewind and watch it from the beginning.  By the end of the film I was so involved that I was crying tears of joy when Rapunzel was reunited with her family.

When a friend told me that we had to watch "Beauty and the Beast", I was dissapointed to find out that there are some Disney movies that are put away in the "vault" and re released about ten years later, so we tried to watch "Beauty and the Beast" on Youtube.  Let's just say this did not turn out well because the sound was either too fast or too slow and there were advertisements every 5 minutes that we had to keep skipping in order to get to the next part.

Needless to say we were so excited to hear that Disney was re releasing the movie.  Watching the film without interruptions and with the actual sound makes a huuuuge difference.  It has quickly become one of Sophia's favorite movies, in fact it may very well be one of my favorites as well.  How can you not fall in love with a girl that has a heart big enough to fall in love with an actual beast?

When we started seeing the trailer for the new Emma Watson movie the whole family was so excited.  The trailer is very mysterious and they don't really give away too much in advance although we all know the story (well at least I do now).

Yesterday Entertainment Weekly released the first photos of Emma as Belle in some of her iconic dresses and let me just say she looks perfect for the part.  I never thought that as an adult I would be so excited to see a re make of a Disney movie, but I cannot wait! 

(images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly)


And then there was the time that Isabella and Mia actually met Belle at Disney!





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