Posted on 18 August 2016

Shopping for back to school supplies with middle schoolers, of course, now involves a new phone case for their iphone. As I was running through Staples for supplies this week with my daughters I ran across this super cool phone case - "Be a Fruit Loop in a World of Cheerios." We all immediately started laughing and thought it was the greatest saying ever and I had to get a picture of it.

I often struggle with this idea with my own daughters just trying to fit into the world of middle school.  So much of this time period with tweens is trying to find your place. When it comes to shopping for clothing it's always about what everyone else is wearing and what everyone else will have.  I can completely relate but this becomes very frustrating for me being an owner of a children's clothing boutique that tries to differentiate itself from the norm.  But at times they do humor me and get their rock on.......



We always strive to find those pieces of clothing for kids that will set them apart from their peers but in a way that is subtle and has just the right amount of edge.   It always must be super soft and comfortable for their busy lives but with the right amount of style where someone will stop and notice and say "Hey, that's a cool shirt" or "I love that dress, where'd you get it?" Jagged Culture is definitely one of those brands. All pieces are custom and hand made in Los Angeles created with meaning, story and inspiration.  They quickly become the "go to" piece of clothing for kids and parents as well.


 I try to tell my daughters it's not so bad when you try something different, take a chance, wear something unexpected. What really counts is being true to yourself and comfortable in your choices.  So go ahead - BE A FRUIT LOOP IN A WORLD OF CHEERIOS!  It's your time to explore, be free and be who you want.

I'm free to do what I want any old time
I'm free to do what I want any old time
So love me, hold me, love me, hold me
I'm free any old time to get what I want

-I'm Free......Rolling Stones


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  • Giselle : August 19, 2016

    Love this… It reminds me of a sponge bob episode where he is trying to be normal and then he’s stuck being normal and Patrick is trying to get him back and remind him how fun it was not to be normal… I am constantly encouraging my boys to be themselves, it can be quite challenging because …yes some kids can be mean or jealous…As a school psychologist I try to use my training to help my boys problem solve when they get teased, or are not treated nice by someone they thought was their friend… so proud that they are now able to figure out such situations…my son said the other day to me ‘hey mom that kid was mean because he is feeling bad about himself and wanted to take it out on others to feel better about himself’
    So yes please keep up with these great items that give kids great style. I praise you on your hard work and your uniqueness :)

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