5 Back to School Must Haves for Your Rockstars

Posted on 19 September 2017

Fall is quickly approaching as we are settling in to the new school year, getting up to the sound of an alarm clock again, packing lunches, getting to the bus on time, trying to get all of our homework done before the after school activities begin and attempting to get to bed at a reasonable time so we can start the whole process all over again.  Whew! That's a busy day.

It's also a fresh new start where all of our pencils still have erasers on them along with the smell of crisp new notebooks and binders.  For me, it's also a time to go through the kids' closets and decide what we can get rid of and how we can replenish our wardrobe so it reflects the new pieces of the season and most importantly - us.  We have created a neat little guide for back to school must haves that every rockstar should have in their closet this fall.



I can't remember exactly when it became the tee shirt to have but I do remember being in the store with my daughters asking me if they can buy this Def Leppard tee shirt.  Really? I started telling them all about how I used to listen to Def Leppard in high school all the time.


Even though they are bands our kids have never heard of, it can definitely spark conversations about the past and mostly about classic rock history.  What a great learning opportunity.  As a former teacher, I always like to take advantage of these opportunities.  My husband, being the musician that he is, takes it to a whole other level.



Can be worn with anything!!! The band tee is a unisex look that could be paired with skinny jeans or your favorite sweats for a boy. Girls have the option of adding some flare to their band tee with a favorite tutu - ultimate rocker style!!  Check out our full collection from Rowdy Sprout and Lauren Moshi.



2 | THE LEGGING (for girls)

Tulle legging by yporque


I don't think my girls wear any other type of bottom but the legging.  Let's face it, if we could live in leggings we would also - some of us do.  Leggings have definitely come and gone through the decades.  I remember being in middle school just like my daughters right now and I had a different color for every day of the week.  I think I wore the same rotation every week all through seventh grade.  It is the most comfortable pair of pants a girl can own so you can go with the classics or add a little twist like we like to do. Check out these unique styles from Vierra Rose.



3 | STYLISH SWEATS (for boys)

Athletic wear is the look of the season for adults as well as our little ones.  Kids need to be comfy and able to play and move around and at the same time do it with style.  Here are just a few of our comfy stylish looks we have this fall from Appaman.





Being that we love music here at Skanenordvast, it wouldn't surprise anyone to know that we carry tees, made by yporque, that play musical instruments and make noise.  The music attachment is removable just in case it's being played too much in school and needs to be washed.  It is the ultimate tee shirt.




Parkour Hoodie


Being comfortable in school and out is what it's all about.  A cool hoodie can be the ultimate icing to the cake. We definitely stocked up this season and tried to find hoodies that have a unique touch to them along with some basics as well.   There's nothing wrong with having a basic go to hoodie that goes with your entire wardrobe.


Play Hoodie


Hope you enjoyed some of our picks for the season!




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